Anya Schiller (1988) is a multidisciplinary artist working on the fields of personal photo and video art documentary. Based in Saint-Petersburg (Russia).


– Visual journalism, Saint-Petersburg State University, specialist (2005–2010)


– “Editing workshop: the finishing touches” led by Christian Caujolle, ISSP, Latvia (2012)

– “Personal documentary: Interior” led by Michael Ackerman, ISSP, Latvia (2011)

– “Photography. Projects. Books” led by Morten Andersen, Fotodepartment, Saint-Petersburg (2011)

– Art-critic course taught by Emily Newman, HIAP, Finland (2010)

– Art-critic course taught by Michael Sidlin, Fotodepartment, Saint-Petersburg (2007)

– Sergey Maximishin course, Faculty of photojournalism, Saint-Petersburg (2007)

Selected Exhibitions

– "Extended memory" group exhibition / photography / Aff gallery / Berlin, 2016

– "Winter pictures" on-line exhibition curated by Humble Arts Foundation / / 2016

– "Antimuseum" group exhibition / video / Electromuseum / Moscow, 2016

– "#Memory_archive" group exhibition / photography / Photobook Melbourne gallery / Melbourne, 2016

– "Space Jamz" on-line exhibition curated by Humble Arts Foundation / / 2015

– "Welcome drink to art" /installation/ "Counterculture lesson for beginners" exhibition/ Red Square gallery, Moscow, 2015

– "Between us" collaborative project with Kseniya Babushkina /photography/sound/ Garage №14579, Saint-Petersburg, 2014

– "The artistic invention of the self and the pure joy of life and love" curated by Austrian Cultural Forum /video/ House on Embankment, Moscow, 2014

– "A Process" curated by Der Greif /photography/ Neue Galerie im Höhmannhau, Augsburg, 2014

– Personal garage exhibition "To belong"/photography/sound/performance / Moscow, 2012

– "Zinestation" group exhibition / zine / Meglinskaya gallery / Moscow, 2012

– "I didn't lose my mind this winter once again" / photography / "Young photography"curated by Fotodepartment / Saint-Petersburg, 2011

– Photographicon / photography / Wales, 2010


– “Flammboyant” personal zine, published by Pogo books, Berlin, print run of 120 (2011)

– “Ohrannik spravok ne daet” — collaboration project between Russian and German

artists (2009–2010)


Gup magazine, VICE, Disturber magazine, Timeshow press zine, Dncht magazine, Traum noir, Kasino creative annual


Afisha magazine, Afisha mir magazine, Bolshoi gorod magazine, Prime Russian magazine, VICE, Neon magazine, Port magazine, F5 magazine, Aeroflot premium magazine, Dom beat bar, Mamin magazine, Uvelirtorg, Strelka insitute, Theory and Practice, Look at me, The Village

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